COVER LESSONS under the weather

Did you wake up this morning feeling ill or under the weather and all you want to do right now is go back to bed instead of going into school?

Has someone in your department gone off sick at the last minute and you have to 'pick up the pieces'?


Do you still have to plan lessons for all your classes even though you aren't there? or possibly worse, do you have to plan them for someone elses classes?

This is extra stress that none of us need, especially at short notice.


We have tried to ease the burden a little by providing a selection of resources which can be used to create an 'instant' lesson. The tasks simply need to be printed off and given to the cover teacher.

Many of the tasks are paper based so you don't need to worry about students using computers when they have a non-ICT specialist covering. Even those tasks which require a computer are straightforward and the students will need little support.

There are tasks which can be used to support a project currently being worked on such as spreadsheets or databases.

There are also a wide range of tasks which could be used to make students 'think outside the box' (see the 'general' section).

happy teacher

If any of these tasks help you out of a sticky situation, think about contributing something of your own to help build up the bank of resources.

Simply send an email to and put your contribution as an attachment





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